Sunday, November 27, 2011

Life Lessons

what i've learned today: when you get engaged, people that haven't spoken to you in years decide that since at one point they cared about you they should be automatically added to the VIP list with their invitation served on a golden platter. doesn't matter if they have made no effort to get to know the fiance or ask a single thing about your wedding plans. in fact even the day you told them that you were engaged they laughed and said well thats cool and when you saw them in person neglected to congratulate you or ask how to it happened or to see the ring. no what it all boils down to is that at one point you mattered to each other so that means that even if this person did things to purposely hurt you or the people you care about, it doesnt matter, they mattered once so now they get the royal treatment. its basically saying that you could have no issue with someone your whole life but then they kill your dog and you have to forgive them because before that is only what counts. like what the fuck seriously? seriously? somehow your impending wedding is now about pleasing everyone around you instead of yourself. then just when you think it couldn't get any worse, this person's MOTHER, yes 50 year old MOTHER sends you a message VIA FACEBOOK to tell you that you're "insecure, vindictive and threatened by their child". you're insecure which is why you radiate self confidence, you're vindictive which is why you go out of your way to do things for other people and clearly because you have a bachelor's degree, a full time job and an almost husband that means you are threatened by her child. what's odd is that you actually did want to include this person in potentially the biggest day of your life, and there was a mishap with the united states postal service. you're actually aware that another person didn't receive your save-the-date. so when you offer to make it right, don't worry this person will blame it all on you and once again you'll feel like you're suddenly put in a position where you are giving up your happiness over the stress of trying to fix it.

well not this time. this time i win. so good luck in your miserable and lonely life full of self hatred and regret. your jealousy only amuses me.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Some friendships die because they aren't moving forward.  They die from stagnation or plain neglect.  You promised to call but didn't.  You knew it was your friend's birthday, but were too busy to celebrate.  When we're busy, we only do what comes easy, and even good friendships aren't always easy.  Lack of attention and concern is sure to cause a rift.  And when it does, it almost always catches us off guard, when we least expect it or can handle it: when we're going through stressful times that make us less attentive and less able to respond - which is what caused the neglect to begin with.  That's why it can seem that the best friendships break precisely when we need them the most.